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What our clients say

"Calling Rise Law Firm was one of the best choices I've ever made. Working with Eliot and Lisa was a pleasure; they always made me feel important and heard. I cannot recommend them and their team enough!"

Cali G.
"The Rise Law Firm has been a tremendous help to me during one of the most difficult situations I have ever encountered."

I should have written this months ago. The Rise Law Firm has been a tremendous help to me during one of the most difficult situations I have ever encountered, and it is to them that I owe my current success. When I first reached out to them, I was lost and hurt. I had been fired from an organization that had my heart and to whom I had dedicated my passion. The sudden loss was humiliating, depressing and a complete shock. I felt as if I lost part of my identity. If you've ever been in this situation, you know what I mean when I say that your world seems to crumble down around you. I didn't know what to expect when I went to my first meeting, and I'll admit I was intimidated by the large building, huge office, and fancy coffee, but once we met Eliot, I felt instantly as if I can trust him with the sensitive situation. He listened to my experience and validated my feelings. He made sense of the chaos and helped calm the waves that seemed to be crashing atop me. Over the course of the year, I learned that Lisa and Nehemiah were exceptionally supportive and knowledgeable, and when the time came to face mediation, I felt prepared and protected by all three who stayed with me throughout the entire process. I never once doubted their intention and motivations and I trusted them fully. I cannot stress to you enough how much these three have positively impacted my life. They are smart, dedicated, and responsive. Above all, they RISE to the challenge and exceed all expectations. I am so grateful for their assistance and care. I truly wish Eliot, Lisa, and Nehemiah all the best in their careers and endeavors. Thank you.

Ash G.
"Eliot is super sharp and a great lawyer to have on your side."

Eliot is super sharp and a great lawyer to have on your side. Rise Law firm stands out in being thoughtful and excellent at walking me through the key facts relevant to my employment law case. They are very responsive, resourceful, and professional and I've used them for years.

"Wow, what a refreshing change from the usual sharks!"

Wow, what a refreshing change from the usual sharks (AKA attorneys you usually find out there). Eliot, the managing partner, was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about my specific issue, and most importantly gave me a truly unbiased and very educated opinion about my potential case. I've spoken to at least a hand full of attorneys in my quest for justice and mostly encountered either rude, or self-centered people, and felt talked down to, as if they were doing me the biggest favor just to talk to me. Eliot actually listened and waited until I was done to give me a very thorough assessment of my potential case. Thank you. Rise Law Firm, you are awesome!

David A.
"I will always be forever grateful."

When I first had my consultation with Eliot, I had already met with a couple of other law firms. I didn’t get a very good feeling from the ones I had met and they weren’t very confident in my case since I had technically not been fired at that time. After my initial meeting with the Rise Law firm, I was immediately impressed by the confidence and knowledge Eliot had and I signed with them right away. I was not only scared, nervous, and anxious, I fell into a depression for a good period of time. I had been enduring sexual harassment and emotional distress from my superior. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be in my situation let alone file a lawsuit against a company that I had been with for 7 years. He then introduced me to his partner, Jana, who took me step-by-step through the process. I was so unfamiliar with legal terms and how mediation or arbitration worked. They both kept me up to speed with everything. Although there were times I felt lost and alone (I was also being retaliated against by my co-workers), I am ultimately glad and relieved after everything was said and done. They were both there for me during my mediation and they settled quite quickly. During the 7-8 month span of my lawsuit, I didn’t know what to expect but now, I look back and realize there are people who care like Eliot and Jana. No one will ever understand how stressful it was for me but if you ever want someone to fight for you and support you through a tough situation like mine was, I highly recommend them. I will always be forever grateful.

Shana C.
"Best in LA."

Signed with them. Solid attorneys. Professional. Sharp, strong. Can tell they are on top of their game. Best in LA. 5 STARS

Shawn F.
"Eliot and his team were friendly, responsive, and motivating the entire time."

I originally met with Eliot Rushovich, for some guidance on a workplace conditions issue back in December of 2014. After I received my advice, Eliot and I were speaking about my background, and I told him about a previous employer who I left on (to put it lightly) not the greatest terms from my perspective. It was a case that involved a major company and some medical issues I had. For the longest time, I had just figured it was a case of bad luck, and certainly a company that large wouldn't screw something up that badly, so I had to be in the wrong. Eliot then took the time to go over how wrong I was in that belief, and how wrong the company was in the actions they took. He immediately offered to look further into my situation, and within a couple of weeks, he felt so strongly about my case that he drafted up a retainer and represented me as we moved forward through the legal process. The entire time Eliot provided prompt updates as we filed the legal paperwork, went through depositions, collected evidence, and then as we dove into mediation at the request of the opposing counsel. He kept me up-to-speed on how the process would work, what to expect, and prepared me for my deposition and mediation like no other experience I have had before. As with any legal matter, these were stressful times, but I was always ready to face the situations head-on and knew I had a great foundation built by Eliot. Whenever I started to feel 'weak' and wanted to just settle and get this over with, Eliot always was empathetic, but comfortably pushed me to move forward in the best interest of my case and the outcome I deserved. Even key moments, when I was ready to close things out early, he understood my feelings but was able to keep me going, and in the end... he was absolutely right. The outcome of my case was more than I could have expected, and I'm able to put this employment issue behind me and move forward with my life knowing that this issue wasn't my fault, and provided me resources to launch into a new career. Eliot and his team were friendly, responsive, and motivating the entire time. You could not ask for a better group to take you into 'battle' and come out with the best possible outcome. Thank you for all you've done. Keep up the great work.

Bryan P.